Privacy Act (PA) Requests

The Privacy Act requests for documents in the possession of the I.R.S. Are Available Here!

These requests are:

1. Used to obtain documents which show improper procedure or improper application of the tax laws, such as:

¨Individual Master File (IMF) records and codes

¨Substitute for Return documents (SFR) [this is, if one even exists!]

¨Source of Income documents

2. Used to obtain documents which reveal information which may be useful in possible criminal or civil actions against I.R.S. agents

3. Show that the I.R.S. disclosure office does not have the documents, or refuses to produce the information required by law, or the I.R.S. has not followed procedures required by law. These types of requests are those such as:

¨Notice and Demand for Tax

¨Demand for Assessment supporting documents

*When requesting documents from the I.R.S. disclosure office, either a copy of a photo ID (such as driver’s license or passport), or a notarized statement, signed and executed, stating that the requestor’s signature was duly witnessed by a legal notary (go to the bank) should be included, so that the I.R.S. disclosure office does not bounce the requests for lack of proper identification of the requestor.